Vibussha: Jonothan is such a huge fan of the artist The Weekend and so I bought tickets as a surprise to see The Weekend in concert for one of our first dates. When we arrived to the venue, we were quickly rejected at the door because the tickets were invalid. (Lesson learned, don't ever buy tickets second hand off anyone online!) I was devastated, not just because I just lost a lot of money but more importantly, because Jonothan and I didn’t end up seeing the concert. I was truly disappointed and felt the night was ruined. Despite the night taking a turn for the worse, Jonothan and I ended up spending the rest of night in downtown Toronto walking the harbour and had some dinner. Tonight quickly became one of the most memorable nights of our lives!

Jonothan: "XOXO til we overdose" is one of The Weekend's lyrics and it quickly became our thing after this night. Regardless of how the night unfolded, Vibussha was upset and kept telling me that all she just wanted was to make me happy. I haven’t come across a lot of people besides my mother that display that much affection for me. Vibussha was willing to go above and beyond for me and, there wasn't a limit in how much we loved each other. With the help of the The Weekend, “XOXO til we overdose” became symbolic to our relationship.

Engagement Ring: In the initial process of purchasing Vibussha's engagement ring, Banu helped me understand everything I needed to know about a diamond. We discussed my budget and Banu was thorough with what I needed to focus on based on the 4Cs. I discussed with Banu the style I wanted for the engagement ring and she quickly drew and shared various designs. She incorporated the "XOXO", designed a flower prong setting and added more sparkle with the mini diamond collar -- everything Vibussha ended up loving.

Wedding bands

Vibussha: In the process of our wedding bands, Jonothan was very specific with the style of band he wanted. It was a simple design and all I had to do was describe and show Banu a few pictures and, she knew exactly what I was going for. The only focus for Jonothan's band was the width of the ring itself and she was able to show various samples and create the perfect width for him. She was able to show us moulds of the ring before completing the rings. She not only went out of her way but also made the process amazing. Crazy, but we met up one day and tried the rings on blind folded so the other person can see if this is what we wanted before finalizing the rings. We knew it would be perfect the day of our wedding.


Banu will help you from the beginning till the end. She is very reasonable and easy to communicate with which is a key ingredient in making this life long decision. She takes her time to ensure that every small detail is explained and gives you the option. We both wanted to really personalize our rings and be unique at the same time. Banu gave us the option of casting the "XOXO" in our rings and then engraving "til we overdose" which we both love.

5 out of 5 stars! Thank you Banu for making both our experiences getting the ring amazing and smooth without any stress.

- Jonothan & Vibussha