By Banu Co. is an exclusive jewelry collection that embraces diverse lifestyles and personalities. By Banu Co. delivers new, exclusive, vintage and custom-curated collection of fine jewelry, with inspirations drawn from a fusion of cultures and various forms of art from around the globe. By Banu Co. pushes the everyday and ordinary boundaries of the jewelry industry by releasing the most unexpected and timeless pieces.


Our Products

Our promise to deliver high-quality materials, fabulous jewels, and intricate craftsmanship will cater to each and every one of your life’s moments. Choose from sterling silver, 14kt gold, precious stones and more to celebrate and create a lifetime of memories with our timeless pieces.


Our Values

Quality - By Banu Co.’s commitment to craft, attention to detail, options for colors, ingredients, and design are all part of our customer experience and loyalty guarantee. With our quality pieces, we guarantee a By Banu Co. experience that will undoubtedly be passed from generation to generation.

Inspiration - Our vision at By Banu Co. is to influence, ignite, and embrace creativity with an eye for originality. Inspiring others with our divine pieces is at the heart of what we do. 

Cultures - At By Banu Co. we embrace diversity. The uniqueness in our pieces is consistently influenced by qualities that arise from various cultures, art forms, and daily reflections. The eagerness to infuse differences into a culture is our constant motive. 

Innovative - At By Banu Co., we focus on igniting changes and altering the way the world defines jewelry through our custom-curated collections. We are excited by our pieces and we want you to feel the same.