Now more than ever we can appreciate how far women have come. Many of us consistently find ourselves living according to cemented, pre-defined notions or stereotypes of a woman/female, and this gets even further multifaceted depending on our ethnic background, culture and religion.

We are in a time, where an unspoken undertaking has evolved amongst us, and we unite and band together to empower one another and further challenge these predefined notions, break boundaries and smash prejudices.

Similar to the iron ring donned by engineers, this pinky ring symbolizes our collective intention, unity and responsibility to one another. It is a display of our continuous drive together to pressure for progress, seek equality and make our voices heard. It is also a reminder to respect and support other women and their decisions, appreciate women for breaking the glass ceiling and to celebrate each of their successes. This solidarity and responsibility is the #girlcode

The girl code is meant to further unite us, and serve as a reminder to continue to work collectively in pursuit of continual change. With this ring and bond, the goal is to achieve something beyond what we have already accomplished. Lets applaud each other for the work already done, and continue to empower one another. Be apart of something special, the #girlcode.