What is a statement piece?

For years we have used clothing and jewelry as a way of conveying something about ourselves. Whether it be the color of a shirt, the size of the necklace, the pattern in your pants -- they all say something about the wearer which is then assumed by the viewer.

Statement jewelry is unique and bold. We decide to wear a piece consciously because we want it to say something. By consciously deciding what statement to make, we hope that these statements are then communicated to the viewer. Here at By Banu Co. we want statement jewelry to be more than communicated. We want this piece of jewelry to be something you hold dear to your heart, something that encourages you and perhaps others to act.

Our unisex Sator pendant is our statement piece. Whether it's a daily reminder to your loved ones -- "Forever Yours", a routine to practice "Just Breathe", a strong bond to your siblings "Three Kings", your everyday fight "Equality" or simply a bondage "Familia", we want this piece to be your statement.

Let it be a statement, wear it and own it.

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