Strength & Unity

In the fast paced world we live in, its hard to slow down and appreciate our surroundings without life chipping away at us. But with travels planned and marked in our calendar, we find that we are forced to be logged off from any sort of social media and really absorb our environment, surroundings, interactions and more importantly be mindful.
On our recent trip to Sri Lanka, we were simply awed by the way of life. The raw imagery displayed by the people and even the earth itself touched us deeply.  
A country once torn by war, still standing strong. People displaced and relocated, still standing strong. Women on the streets pledging sisterhood and voicing their pain, yet still standing strong. It was simply incredible to witness. 
This collection was truly inspired by the strength displayed by the people of Sri Lanka, the unity of the people, and the blurring of physical and social boundaries.
Products: Tigus, Verai, Dama & Vanguard