The Process

Purchasing a diamond and deciding on a design for an engagement ring is a difficult process; we totally understand why. There are a few things you have to decide in a short span of time and every decision will contribute to the final product. We want to make this process as comfortable as possible, including you in every part of the manufacturing stage!

This is what our process looks like:

Step One: Design and Diamond Selection

  • Ideally we would like to meet you for the initial consultation. However, based on availability we are open to having our initial consultation, either via email or telephone to discuss your requirements, budget and ideas.
  • During this discussion, we will determine the perfect diamond that fits your criteria and the gold of your choice – white gold, gold or platinum for the setting.
  • Once the diamond and the gold have been determined, we will work together to create the custom design of your choice.  With my direct professional guidance, we will be able to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for you and your loved one.
  • During this discussion, you will be provided with the costs involved prior to the manufacturing process.

Step Two: Revision

  • Based on our initial discussion, the latest CAD technology will be used to design your jewelry.
  • In order to ensure that our design meets your specific requirements, you will be scheduled a meeting to come in-person and/or you will be sent an image of the final design via email.
  • At this point, you will be able to modify any changes to the ring itself. Once approved, the manufacturing of the ring will begin.

Step Three: Final Product

  • Based on the modifications during our in-person meeting, the ring will be crafted by our qualified jewelry craftsman, who also has many years of experience working with diamond rings.
  • At By Banu Co., all our diamonds are set by hand into the ring under 50X magnification to ensure safer gem setting procedures and that your diamonds are in place forever. This replaces the traditional hand carving wax process, allowing the ring to withstand wear and tear and further provides a more cleaner finish.
    Note: Ring Size Adjustment
  • With the purchase of your diamond ring, your first ring adjustment will be free of charge within the first year.