Popping the Question During the Holidays

If she was waiting all year long and you still didn't get to pop the question, well you have 37 days to do so, and we have all the reasons why you should. 

1. She's been simply amazing

It's been nearly a year and we want you to sit back and think about the things you faced this year, and see how each situation unfolded. More importantly, we want to know who they unfolded with. Is it her? If yes, then now we want to know can you imagine life without her? If your answer is "No", then I'm not sure why you've been holding off on asking the love of your life to marry you!

2. Love is in the air

We understand it's not Valentine's Day but the holidays is still one of the most romantic times of the year. The holidays is an expression of love, happiness and joy. It's a time of gatherings, family bonding and being around loved ones. In other words, the mood has already been set.

3. You don't need too much for a proposal.

This season (depending on where you are in the world) is naturally breath-taking. The snow falling, lights, holiday decorations as well as outdoor decorations i.e. at the Christmas market, ice rinks - you don't need too much for the perfect moment. 

Write out your proposal in big, bold letters in the snow. Or top your dessert with the ring at your family, holiday party and make it extra sweet. Or include it as a stocking stuffer so it's perfect Christmas morning. Or drop the ring in a glass of champagne and hand it to your significant other for the midnight toast when ringing in the New Year.

I mean the perfect moment is endless during the holidays.

4. Time is really running out. 

I mean come on, you've had all year! 

 If you still need this ring, contact us here and let's get this process started.